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From time to time, there will be new items of timely interest posted on this page.  These info-bits will be posted on an irregular basis as they come up.



08/04/2021    ************ALERT ***********ALERT ************ALERT ************ALERT******** 

08/04/2021:  The Governor of the State of Louisiana has issued a statewide mask mandate which includes chiropractic offices.  All employees, patients and physicians should be wearing a mask that adequately protects themselves and others.  Please follow the CDC guidelines posted on their website in cases of exposure.


The LA Department of Health issued “Healthcare Facility Notice/Order Number 2020-COVID 19- All-007”.  In part, it states that all healthcare providers postpone all in-person healthcare services that can safely be postponed for 30 days. You are to use your best clinical judgment to make this determination.  You shall consider the entire clinical picture when determining if the service can be safely postponed, including the consequences of postponement to the patient, and the consequences to the health-care system.  Providers acting in good faith will be not found to be in violation of this directive.

Pursuant to LA R.S. 2816.A.8, all contagious infectious disease protocols should be followed.  Guidelines can be found at CDC.gov/coronavirus/2019-NCOV/infec.HTML    

In addition, in compliance with Governor Edwards’ statewide “stay at home” order, the LA Board office will be closed to the public, vendors and licensees.  Phone lines are being maintained during office hours.  Please reference the website, www.lachiropracticboard.com   for the most current information about this and other pertinent issues pertaining to chiropractic licensing and regulation.



To clarify our 03/16/2020 communication below, the Board is not mandating closures. 

In answer to the many questions about “telepractice” or “telemedicine”, the following apply:

·         You may use electronic means to recommend, change, or address activities which do not require “direct patient contact”  such as at home exercise, general  hygiene, at home palliative care, nutrition, diet and general wellness recommendations and referrals.

·         Physician activities which require” direct patient contact”, such as examinations, shall not be conducted  via electronic means.



In response to the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) concerns, the LA Board is not directing any office closures at this time.  Use your own discretion.  You should follow all CDC (Centers for Disease Control), Federal, State, Regional and Local guidelines and advisories.

"Telepractice", such as recommending exercise, general hygiene, at-home palliative care or nutrition may be appropriate. Physician actions, such as examinations, that usually require direct patient contact, would not be allowed.

The Board office will be temporarily closed to all public, visitors and vendors.  Any business inquiries can be conducted via telephone, email, fax, or US Mail.  The Board office will be staffed (limited basis) daily.  Thank you for your patience, consideration and understanding.



  • 01/16/2020 Board Meeting & Biannual Licensure Exam  

  • 04/09/2020 Board Meeting & Additional Offering of Licensure Exam - Postponed!

  • 06/30/2020 End of Fiscal Year    

  • 07/16/2020 Board Meeting  & Biannual Licensure Exam

  • 07/31/2020 Annual X-Ray Proficiency Certification Renewal deadline 

  • 09/17/2020 Board Meeting - Special Call

  • 10/15/2020 Board Meeting & Additional Offering of Licensure Exam

  • 12/17/2020 Board Meeting

  • 12/31/2020 License Renewal Deadline (postmarked)


NOTE:  Act No. 693 of the 2014 Regular Session of the LA Legislature requires that every state auditee (public body and quasi public agency) shall post information concerning the reporting of the misappropriation, fraud, waste, or abuse of public funds.  For your convenience, you can go to www.reportfraud.la

NOTE:  SCR 83 of the 2018 Regular Session of the LA Legislature requests each occupational and professional board and commission in the state to provide licensing info for military-trained applicants and their family members. Contact the Board office for specific info (phone 225-765-2322; email: lsbce@eatel.net ; fax: 225-765-2640) and specify you are military personnel or spouse of military personnel.